How Social Media Affects Commercial Cleaning

When you are done putting everything together and your business is good to go, you need to come up with a strong strategy in how you will market your traffic. In this day in age, social media plays an important role in especially in e-commerce. This has become the primary way of reaching out to customers. Social Media’s biggest advantage is its extremely inexpensive method of marketing. A company that runs and office cleaning services might have their own company website, but there is no guarantee that people will be able to find it or that they will even take time to check out what kind of services or products do you cater. 

Most consumer has a presence on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, they spent so much time browsing in these three major websites. Commercial Cleaning companies can reach their target market with their information in a place that is familiar to the consumer. Always assume that these people will refer to your social media platform and treat it as your actual website. With that being said, it is best for you to include all the critical information that will talk about your business. You may also provide the link of your actual website so that your target market can follow for further information. 

Social media platforms are far more interactive than a typical website. This will give you an opportunity to create a connection with your customers. You can answer questions like, where is my office cleaner, do you provide a commercial cleaner, how much does office cleaning cost, etc. You can converse with your audience about any concerns they may have. By giving this personal touch, you make your customers feel more trusting of your business your chances of being hired. 

Social Media is a powerful venue to get information like promotions or special deals. Since the customer will not be checking your website daily, they will not have this opportunity of seeing the said special offers. Whereas, if you posted this announcement in your social media page, it will appear on each and everyone’s news feed making it possible for them to take advantage of the advertised deal.

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I believe that I already convinced you that maintaining a social media account is helpful for your office cleaning business. Our next discussion is about how will you run these social media platforms effectively and get the best result out of it. 

The number one rule for me is to be very careful in posting to social media too often. Many get annoyed very quickly. You do not want to diminish the number of your follower by posting too much or too often in a day. Maintain a routine. Strategize on the timing of your post and as mentioned earlier, do not bombard your followers by posting six promos about office cleaning or retweet too much article that talks about your commercial cleaner all in one day then you will go silent on the next two weeks. It is best to keep the post spread apart but frequent enough so they will remember about your business. Two or three posts a week is a good number to maintain.

Each post has to be aesthetically pleasing and try to make a point for each one of them. Think of a purpose rather than posting it deliberately. Share details that your connections care about to catch their attention. Occasionally, you can share articles like qualities of a good commercial cleaner, how to do a basic office cleaning, etc. Get people to care about what you are posting and this practice will greatly aid your business. 

If you are targeting commercial business who can potentially hire you for commercial cleaning, then keep your post professional and detail-oriented. You have the freedom to be a little more personal in your online marketing campaign. Limit your post about the things that you are expert about and that your target audience would have an actual interest in. You do not need to come up with promotions after promotions. It can be anything that talks about why someone needs to hire an office cleaner. 

Always respond to feedback regardless if it is good or bad. Always be polite and maintain professionalism at all times. Ignoring questions or concerns posted in social media is a blatant way to show customers that you are not listening and you do not care. In social media, everyone who follows a post will see that you are not responding. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. When a customer expresses a concern, take the time to answer. Appreciate customers who leave feedback, good or bad, and always work the extra mile for solving issues that other customers complained about. Always make your customers feel that you care about their satisfaction.